Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Food, Friends & A Movie


Last night we decided that we would invite our friend Pam to come ove and have dinner with us. Well we also made sure to tell her to bring her two adult kids Kris & Jason too! That we were gonna have a big old pot of Spagetti., along with the fixings of salad and garlic bread. Needless to say she wanted to bring the salad and garlic bread. So we said Okay to that. During the conversation we asked if they had seen the movie "Marley & Me." To which she said "No," none of them had seen it yet. Luckily I had bought it a couple of weeks earlier, but had not had a chance to watch it yet. So we all decided to make it dinner and a movie night!
Now everything was planned and Mike sprung into action. Lord bless him. He truly loves to make him specila Spagetti sauce. Seems his is a little more spicier than mine!

Anyway, about 6:00 PM everyone showed up and we got ready to eat. Of course dinner centered around Jason starting his new job on Monday. Which we were glad to hear about. And of course about Kris's latest flying escapedes. She is an airline stewardess! After dinner we got the dishes done and proceeded to get all comfy on the sofa and watch the movie. Now of course I had heard that the movie might be sad. But that did not stop me from watching it. All I knew was that I just loved the previews to it and the dog was just beautiful! LOL

So here we go with the previews of other movies. Now Pam of course wanted us to skip over them! yet she lost out on that battle. I mean hey we might see something good to either go buy or rent for another night of movie watching! So after we got through those the movie started. The music started and of course Pam & Kris wanted to talk some! UGH!!!! We had to give them that look of "Hey, be quiet now!" LOL Seems they were trying to figure out who this person was and what other movie they had played in before. Finally we got them quieted down.

Now the movie was "TERRIFIC!" Everything about it was! I really cannot tell you everything about it all. Just that it will have you laughing and of course crying too! As for letting children under the age of say 9 watch it I am not too sure about. Think you would have to read the reviews on it yourself to make that decision. Let me just say that between all of the popcorn we ate, the laughter we laughed, and the tears we cried. This movie is one that I am so grateful that I bought for my collection! It is also one that I highly recommend that everyone watch. Especially if you are an animal lover like me! There was one part of the movie that reminded me of my Chow named Widget and what we went through with him.

Just know that we definetly will start doing this on a permanent basis. It was such much fun and a good time was had by us all! The next movie I bought for us to watch is called "Hotel for Dogs!" Yes, I know seems I am on a roll with movies about dogs. Plus I have already seen "Beverly Hills Chihuaua!" So everyone if you want to invite your friends and family over for a fun-filled night that is not expensive and is enjoyable. Then why not do dinner and a movie?

Oh by the way in 2 more days I am heading out for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So I guess I best get busy finishing up my laundry, packing, and everything else I need to do. Till later have a blessed day and enjoy your week and weekend. Will post more when I get back at the end of next week. Take care.

Nana Net (Annette)



Calming Scents said...

sounds like a great night. I tell ya, for me I cant watch it. I really wish they had totally just skipped the dying part of Marley, we all know he did die many years ago and for once I would like to NOT cry at all during a movie such as this. I cant watch it....I made a pact to myself after watching My Dog Skip many years ago that I would never watch another dog movie that has the dog dying in it..I simply as funny as it sounds, cannot put myself thru that anquish again. I literally cry for days.

You have a great trip!

Small Footprints said...

It just goes to show that a fun night doesn't have to be a hassle or cost an arm and a leg. A big dish of spaghetti and a movie with friends are the perfect ingredients for a fabulous night.

So ... are we gonna get to see the "specila Spagetti sauce" recipe? Mmm ... just thinking about a good pot of spaghetti makes me hungry! :)

I can't wait to hear what you think about Myrtle Beach. I haven't been there but it's on my list. Promise you'll tell us all about it ... and perhaps recommendations if you can. :)

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Jeanne said...

Josie is just like Pam when it comes to talking during a movie. Man, it's like the show starts and Jos is ready for 20 questions. When I tell her I don't know....just to get her to stop asking....she says her daddy knows b/c he knows everything, but not you mommy. HA! Isn't that funny?
I'm with the calming scents blogger...I don't like to cry in movies b/c I anquish over that stuff for days :)
Have fun at the beach.
Oh wait...Jake is dang crazy about the madagascar koala on your blog. He just saw it yesterday and was belly laughing for like 10 minutes. He made me put it back on over and over last night. He even had to show nana when she came. He was like "Dat funny, Nana!" Ok, I'm done. Love you

Jeanne said...

Me again...Josie loves the Hannah Montana song. Worked out for me cause she got to sing at the top of her lungs the whole time Jake was laughing at the "shake your booty" koala (as the kids call him)

Anne said...

What an awesome idea to invite family or friends over for dinner and a movie right at home. Hardly any travel or expense. You are right about not letting kids under nine watch that movie. The previews looked cute. We let our seven yr. old son watch the movie by himself. He almost came out crying. He told me what had happened in the movie. I just thought it would be a fun filled movie. My husband and I felt so bad. It came out on Christmas day last year, so I thought it would be a good family movie. I did not see the movie but I would like to. Sorry comment is so long. I'm hope you and your husband are having a spectacular time vacationing!

Suldog said...

Have a great time in Myrtle Beach!