Monday, May 11, 2009

Myrtle Beach Getaway

Alright, I am back from our little getaway. Though it was short it sure was enjoyable! Mike and I truly did have a great time and was what you would call lazy! Matter of fact we only went into two different stores shopping! Can you believe that??? Yep, seems that neither one of us was inclined to go shopping or even window looking this time. Wander if it is because we were just plain tired or just was not interested in spending any money? Who knows!!!!

I do know though that we had wonderful weather. The sun shined brightly everyday except for the day we headed home! Plus it only rained on and off one night! WOOHOO!!!! That we mostly just layed around out by the table and got plenty of sun. We caught up on some reading and card game playing too. And oh yes, Mike did enough eating for the two of us! Seems everytime I turned around he was getting a hold of something or another to wolf down! :0) As for me I just mostly drank lots of Cranergy and water. Plus rested out in the sun and got into the pool alot. Oh before I forget, we did get into the hot tub too! Talk about soaking your problems away! Now that there does the trick everytime.

The ocean was beautiful to look at and to hear. We were blessed with warm days and very nice and calm breezes too. Mike's Mom and step-dad were there too. They had their own room. Seems his Mom just loves it when we go down at the same time as them. Guess you could say his Mom really likes for me to get her a table early in the morning. That way she can sort of sleep in. Now early in the morning here is like before 6:00 AM!!! Yep, I am not kidding. Seems that the folks up North (no joking) are truly serious about getting a table early! So every morning I am up by 5:00 Am to get us our tables! :0) And let me tell ya I am very good at it! Been doing it now for going on 10 years~~~ Guess I will keep doing it until the day I die! LOL

Oh well, the only thing left to say is that this trip sure was fun. Mike had all of the Krispy Kreme "Hot Now" donuts you can ever imagine. And I even had a few! Boy were they ever so fresh, gooey and hot! :0) That if any of you ever get to Myrtle Beach, maybe you might like to stay where we did. It is called the Dayton House. They have a web-site of their own which I have listed here for you all. ( So check it out. Till later, enjoy the day and take care. And I hope you like the pictures!

Love, Annette (Nana Net)


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hey Annette, You had a good time...yeah!! I used to go to Myrtle Beach with the "girls" twice a year, spring and fall and boy did we whoop it up. I miss those days. I can't wait .... only two more weeks for us and then beach time. xo Lynn

Jeanne said...

The pictures are beautiful! If we'd been there with ya, Jake would've made sure we were helping you hold that table so early in the mernin :) I love the ice cream truck picture, but by far the best part of this post was the mention of Krispy Kreme doughnuts with the HOT sign on! WOO HOO!!

Calming Scents said...

You lucky duck! Its beautiful! I love all your pictures and its sooo pretty. Your a cute couple.

Anonymous said...

Loved the slide show with all of your photos.

Suldog said...

Oh, man! Krispy Kreme! They opened a few shops here in Massachusetts, got me hooked, then closed them. Best-Donuts-Ever!

Anne said...

Wow your pics were just amazing girl! Man I wish I was stuffed in your suitcase, lol! It sounds like you all had a fantastic time. Glad to hear that the weather was nice for you all. =)