Friday, January 30, 2009

Cell Phones

I have been having issues with cell phones and the people who have them! Needless to say that is why I am writing about them today. That is seems to be that here lately whenever I try to call certain people they just do not answer! Instead all I get is their voice mail! UGH!!!!!

That yeah, maybe they might have left it at home. Or could have it cut off, or even may be talking on it. The thought even occured to me that "Hell, they just do not want to talk to me!" Still though, sometimes they do not even return the call after I leave a voice message! Now how rude is that?

To me if you have a cell phone do you not think that the polite thing to do would be to answer the call? Then say, "Hey, I am in the middle of something, etc. and I will call you back, etc. Or better yet at least return the call at your earliest convience?

That if you can not do that then why bother having a cell phone? Maybe because you want to try and keep up with the Jones, or keep up with the in crowd. Whatever the reason just think about it.... The person who is trying to call you may be someone who needs your help. Or they might just need some guidance. Plus there may be a true emergency and they need to get a hold of you. You truly never really know untill you answer that call!

So next time that cell phone rings and you see that it is someone you really do not want to talk to. It might do you good to think twice about not taking that call! Because I know that if it really was a true emergency I sure would not leave a voice message saying so! Would you?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Times Flies By

Boy oh boy...Can you believe that the month of January is just about over? Where did this month go? Seems like it was just the beginning of the new year. And now here it is almost February!

Is it just me or does time seem to be going by faster and faster the older we get? I remember as a kid thinking, man I can not wait to become an adult! Now I find myself thinking the opposite! LOL Guess that is why I will never ever grow up. Or at least never loose the child that is still inside of me!

Still though I find it hard to believe that Valentines Day is just a mere 19 days away. You know it will be here sooner than we think! That the days will surely just roll by in a flash. Yet there are probably some who will disagree and say that time goes by way to slow. Especially when they are at work or doing something they really do not want to be doing!

To me you sort of realize more how time passes you by so quickly when you run into people that you have not seen in years. An example would be like yesterday for my husband Mike. See he had to go to a funeral for an old friend he had worked with. The company they worked for has been closed for 13 years! Yep, that long and Mike did not realize it till he seen all of his old co-workers at the funeral and they got to talking. When he got home, he really looked down trodden. That they all felt bad how they had lost touch with each other, etc. But did exchange phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, etc. Plus the promise to keep in touch. Hoping that another 13 years do not pass by or a funeral happens to bring them all together again! I truly do hope they keep in touch. Which leads me to say this. Though time appears to fly by, we can stop and enjoy it. Plus try not to forget your friends, family and anyone who may have made a difference in your life! More so before they pass away!

So here is to not wishing or trying to hurry your life along! Blessings to you all. And know that I am not going to be watching the clock today! LOL Instead I am just going to enjoy listening to my Lucky lay here snoring the day away. Plus watch Sadie Bella run in and out of the doggie door chasing whatever catches her fancy at the time!

Nana Net

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pooh party Pictures, Images and Photos

Ok, yes it is my birthday today! And what a great one it should be. I awoke to the great aroma of fresh coffee brewing. Thanks to my wonderful husband of 25 years, Mike. Seems he does love to surprise me with the thoughtful things that he does.
Anyway, my day will hopefully be one of where I can do prety well what i want to do. Which is just be lazy! LOL No seriously I will be in and out of the house running erands. Then getting ready to go out for dinner tonight!

I must though thank my wonderful late Mom for giving birth to me. Cause if she had not then I would not be here. Plus my Dad ( who is 81 years old) for helping make it possible. Lord bless him, these last couple of years have not been too easy on him. More so since losing my Mom almost two years ago. Still though I must thank my other family members for putting up with me too! Believe me it has been no easy task for them! And they surely can attest to that!

All in all I am looking forward to many more birthdays, and the chance to share them with my family and friends. So I must now go get ready to run around in this cold, frigid winter weather. Just know I am going to have an awesome day. Take care everyone. Will post more later on this week/weekend.

Bye for now.....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Hi all of my fellow bloggers! I guess you could say the title of my post today reflects how I have been feeling the last few months! That I oh so want to be back to 100%. Which is slowly but surely happening.

To bring you all up-to-date... I went back for a check up on my lungs and the Doctor said that everything looks great. Yet I did have a touch of "Bronchial Pneumonia." So of course it was a Z-pack he put me on. Well 2 days later I am a lot worse..... Doctor gets a call and he says that it is either go on Prednizone or in the hospital!!!!! Needless to say I ran to the pharmacy to get my Prednizone! LOL Also, some cough syrup. After two weeks of this stuff I am (knock on wood) finally over it..... Thank you sweet Jesus! The only bad thing is that Mike now has it. So I go around with a mask over my face so not to catch it from him! Cause I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I sure am thankful for all of the well wishes that everyone of you sent my way. Plus that you all kept in touch with me. It amazes me how here in "Blogger World" when you meet someone they just seem to become your friend and then like family! So I want all of you to know that you truly are like family to me!

Well, I am signing off for now. Know that I am back again finally and will be getting my recipes in order. So watch out cause I still have a lot on my mind, and my mind on a lot! Till next post be good and just enjoy life!