Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Ok, yes it is my birthday today! And what a great one it should be. I awoke to the great aroma of fresh coffee brewing. Thanks to my wonderful husband of 25 years, Mike. Seems he does love to surprise me with the thoughtful things that he does.
Anyway, my day will hopefully be one of where I can do prety well what i want to do. Which is just be lazy! LOL No seriously I will be in and out of the house running erands. Then getting ready to go out for dinner tonight!

I must though thank my wonderful late Mom for giving birth to me. Cause if she had not then I would not be here. Plus my Dad ( who is 81 years old) for helping make it possible. Lord bless him, these last couple of years have not been too easy on him. More so since losing my Mom almost two years ago. Still though I must thank my other family members for putting up with me too! Believe me it has been no easy task for them! And they surely can attest to that!

All in all I am looking forward to many more birthdays, and the chance to share them with my family and friends. So I must now go get ready to run around in this cold, frigid winter weather. Just know I am going to have an awesome day. Take care everyone. Will post more later on this week/weekend.

Bye for now.....


Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday! You truly are a delight, woman. You bring joy and encouragement with you everywhere you go! I hope your day is wonderful! Have fun at dinner tonight. We love you!

Anne said...

Have a great birthday! Enjoy your dinner out. I hope you have fun.

Suldog said...

Happy Birthday, Love!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Happy, happy, Happy Birthday Nana Net. I hope your day was full of fun and doing exactly whatever you wanted to do. Hope you get the big rose on the corner of the cake. xo Lynn P.S. How close to Nags Head are you?

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday. I'm so glad you're feeling better. Isn't it great when you finally are on the road back to full stamina. Take care and enjoy your day!

Nana Net said...

Thank you all for the wonderful well wishes, etc.
I truly had a very blessed birthday and did enjoy my dinner out.
Now as to your question Lynn. I am about 6 hours away from Nags Head. That is due to the fact that I can either get to it by going th lon way by car. Or take the ferry over to it. or me I love the ferry ride. :0) Plus I am just so awe strucked at the beauty of the Outer Banks. Look for me to post some pictures and a blog about my trip there last fall soon.
Take care all.

Nana Net

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said... you can go by ferry. I take that to mean that you are south of Nags Head, closer to South Carolina? :)

Dawnie said...

OHHH NOOO I missed your birthday! I'm sorry. I hope your day was great and you treated yourself like a queen.

It sounds like your feeling better and up and around. What a great gift to your parents for saying that, they had to be good for you.

I will post that cake recipe--but I'm tellin ya, it flops every time. Its saving grace is that it tastes great no matter how nasty it looks!