Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sick & Tired of Being Sick & Tired

Hi all of my fellow bloggers! I guess you could say the title of my post today reflects how I have been feeling the last few months! That I oh so want to be back to 100%. Which is slowly but surely happening.

To bring you all up-to-date... I went back for a check up on my lungs and the Doctor said that everything looks great. Yet I did have a touch of "Bronchial Pneumonia." So of course it was a Z-pack he put me on. Well 2 days later I am a lot worse..... Doctor gets a call and he says that it is either go on Prednizone or in the hospital!!!!! Needless to say I ran to the pharmacy to get my Prednizone! LOL Also, some cough syrup. After two weeks of this stuff I am (knock on wood) finally over it..... Thank you sweet Jesus! The only bad thing is that Mike now has it. So I go around with a mask over my face so not to catch it from him! Cause I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I sure am thankful for all of the well wishes that everyone of you sent my way. Plus that you all kept in touch with me. It amazes me how here in "Blogger World" when you meet someone they just seem to become your friend and then like family! So I want all of you to know that you truly are like family to me!

Well, I am signing off for now. Know that I am back again finally and will be getting my recipes in order. So watch out cause I still have a lot on my mind, and my mind on a lot! Till next post be good and just enjoy life!


Anne said...

Nana Net it was good to hear from you! Thank you so much for the kind comments you left on my blog. You put a big smile on my face this morning when I read them. I'll continue to keep you in my thoughts & prayers along with your family. Take care!

Dawnie said...

well HELLO! I"m so glad your feeling alittle better and it was awesome to hear from you. I hope it continue to go well for you and before you know it--your back to blogging regularly!

Jeanne said...

Hey my sweet Aunt! I've been missing you here in Blog World! I am so so glad to know you feel better and so so sad to know Uncle Mike has it! Ick!!! Your Valentine page is cute. I do love hearts! Love you!

JyLnC said...

Hello - It's good to see you posting. Lungs are tricky that's for sure. You never think about them when they are working properly but main when they start acting up your whole life stops.

Take care!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

So so glad you are beginning to see the end. HOpe you are back to your "old self" asap. There seems to be so many sicky things out there we have never heard of. Hope you have a super great week. ~ Lynn

Christy said...

Hi and Thanks for stopping by my blog and for all your sweet comments! I do love taking pictures and I would love to do some for you if you come to Florida. And for the headbands, I will try to get a couple together to sell and send you some pics to see which ones you like. Im looking for some other flowers too, so it may be a little bit, but Ill let ya know!
Stop by anytime to say hi and I hope you and your husband get well soon!