Thursday, April 30, 2009

Good Food, Friends & A Movie


Last night we decided that we would invite our friend Pam to come ove and have dinner with us. Well we also made sure to tell her to bring her two adult kids Kris & Jason too! That we were gonna have a big old pot of Spagetti., along with the fixings of salad and garlic bread. Needless to say she wanted to bring the salad and garlic bread. So we said Okay to that. During the conversation we asked if they had seen the movie "Marley & Me." To which she said "No," none of them had seen it yet. Luckily I had bought it a couple of weeks earlier, but had not had a chance to watch it yet. So we all decided to make it dinner and a movie night!
Now everything was planned and Mike sprung into action. Lord bless him. He truly loves to make him specila Spagetti sauce. Seems his is a little more spicier than mine!

Anyway, about 6:00 PM everyone showed up and we got ready to eat. Of course dinner centered around Jason starting his new job on Monday. Which we were glad to hear about. And of course about Kris's latest flying escapedes. She is an airline stewardess! After dinner we got the dishes done and proceeded to get all comfy on the sofa and watch the movie. Now of course I had heard that the movie might be sad. But that did not stop me from watching it. All I knew was that I just loved the previews to it and the dog was just beautiful! LOL

So here we go with the previews of other movies. Now Pam of course wanted us to skip over them! yet she lost out on that battle. I mean hey we might see something good to either go buy or rent for another night of movie watching! So after we got through those the movie started. The music started and of course Pam & Kris wanted to talk some! UGH!!!! We had to give them that look of "Hey, be quiet now!" LOL Seems they were trying to figure out who this person was and what other movie they had played in before. Finally we got them quieted down.

Now the movie was "TERRIFIC!" Everything about it was! I really cannot tell you everything about it all. Just that it will have you laughing and of course crying too! As for letting children under the age of say 9 watch it I am not too sure about. Think you would have to read the reviews on it yourself to make that decision. Let me just say that between all of the popcorn we ate, the laughter we laughed, and the tears we cried. This movie is one that I am so grateful that I bought for my collection! It is also one that I highly recommend that everyone watch. Especially if you are an animal lover like me! There was one part of the movie that reminded me of my Chow named Widget and what we went through with him.

Just know that we definetly will start doing this on a permanent basis. It was such much fun and a good time was had by us all! The next movie I bought for us to watch is called "Hotel for Dogs!" Yes, I know seems I am on a roll with movies about dogs. Plus I have already seen "Beverly Hills Chihuaua!" So everyone if you want to invite your friends and family over for a fun-filled night that is not expensive and is enjoyable. Then why not do dinner and a movie?

Oh by the way in 2 more days I am heading out for Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. So I guess I best get busy finishing up my laundry, packing, and everything else I need to do. Till later have a blessed day and enjoy your week and weekend. Will post more when I get back at the end of next week. Take care.

Nana Net (Annette)


Monday, April 27, 2009


Morning everyone. Hope your day is going good. Mine is great! It is the final week of college and tis what I call the week of stress!! Yep, FINALS all week. So wish me luck! LOL

As for the title of my blog it pretty well is about me climbing over some mountains in my life these past couple of years. That the past few days I have been reflecting back on some things. Seems that the warm weather has caught me in a kind of mood that sets my mind to wandering. Plus with the final week of school I sure do need an escape from it all too. And I sure do not need for my mind to be down and out while I am off at the beach! Ya know it is only 5 days until we leave!!!! YEAHHHHH

Anyway, my late Moms' birthday is coming up on the 10th of May. Plus that day is Mothers' day, as well as my niece Christy's birthday too! And also the day that my grandson Carson is having his birthday party! Whew, so much happening in just one day. Well it got me to thinking about past Mother Days, birthdays and all. More so the last two years that have gone by. I truly do miss my Mom. I wish she could have been here for the birth of my first grandchild. Lord I know she would have been right here by my side when he was born. Cause she never ever missed the birth of any of her grandchildren, nor great-grandchildren while she was alive! It was just something that she took great joy in attending. That she truly was an awesome lady. And something that I hope and pray that I can follow in her footsteps and be also. I just wish that I could of learned more things from her. :0( But alas the good Lord needed her more than I did. Plus I truly did not want her to suffer anymore from the Alzheimer's. It is a disease that I do not wish on anyone. To me I honestly believe it is worse than any other type out there.

For me the song that is playing on my playlist is one that talks about how life always seems to put mountains or roadblocks in front of you! And that you have got to learn how to go through them, somehow or someway! For me these last couple of years it appears that is all that has happened to me everytime I have turned around! But yet I have some how managed to get through them. Though I must admit I just about gave up! More so when I lost my Mom, and my brother-in-law 5 months later. Seems that the saying that death comes in 3's is oh so true! Still though I refuse to give up. Guess you could say it is because I feel as if so many people in my family do depend on me. Maybe because they are always checking in on me and looking for me. Plus asking me to help them alot! Examples would be my nephews up here always needing me to help them with their little ones (babies). That since their Dad's death they have looked at Mike and me as their children's grandparents! "0) Which for us is a blessing! Cause Lord knows we do love kids. Plus we love watching them grow and seeing them learn all kinds of new things! It amazes me how quickly they seem to grow each and everytime we see them! Especially when we see our grandson, Carson. My mind gets blown away when I hear him talk on the phone with us! He is such a trip! Plus his Mom is teaching him how to do sign language! Not bad for one who will turn two next month! Last time I seen him he was signing and I was like what is he saying. His Mom was telling me what he said , when I said Lord I need to take a class on this! LOL Cause if he can do it, then I can. So like the song "Climb" there is that mountain that I have got to get through. Because I know it is not going to move out of my way. And I surely can not move it on my own!

Now know that in 5 days I will be heading out on my trip to the beach to soak up the sun. And also to get me some much needed Vitamin D from the rays of the sun too! :0) Believe me I am counting it all down and can not wait to be on the road again! I know that Mike is excited too. Just not sure if he is as much as I am. LOL Oh well enjoy the beautiful weather, and get outside too. Will post more before I leave. TaTa

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Work, Work, Work

Morning all! Decided I would back track a little. In my last post I mentioned how my sons truck was messing up! Well he had brought it home for his Dad to work on it. That is to try and figure out where the leak was coming from. So off to the shop Mike went to meet Duane to have a look see. Needless to say after about 5 hours of messing around with it they finally found out what was going on. It appeared that the problem was coming from either the head gasket or a freeze plug! Now of course this meant spending a lot of money on his 19 year old truck. Which in our opinion really was not an expense worth spending at the present time. Plus the fact that his truck had over 250,000 miles on it! Not bad for Duane's' first truck (automobile) and also that we had gotten more than our money's worth out of it. And that it was a Chevy too boot! LOL

Anyway, while he was here Mike and him went ahead and did a complete tune-up, oil change, rotated the tires, and even washed it! WOOHOO.... All in all it was a great day and one well spent with our son. More so seeing how we are not able to spend lots of time with him. The down side was that he was not able to bring his wife Jennifer, nor his son (my grandson) Carson with him. That with them living about 3 hours away and his always working with his own business makes it hard for him/them to get away. Plus Mike having his own business to makes it hard for us to escape also! So we will take whatever time we can get and make the most out of it!

Now to update you. Five days after this was done the clutch went out in his truck at 4:30 in the morning on his way to work! UGH!!!! Bless his heart. But seems that the old Chevy just bite the dust. But not to worry the next day he bought him another truck. This time a newer model and a four wheel drive too! So hopefully this one will last just as long!!!!! As for the Chevy.....well it is now in junk yard heaven!!!!! Yep, he and a friend towed it there after some other problems crept up while trying to load it onto the tow truck! All in all Duane said he is so glad that we all did not spend the extra money to fix the leak after all. As for me I have to agree with him!

Monday, April 20, 2009


UGHHHHH..... Well it has been a while! Seems my computer caught a nasty virus to start with. That I tried my hardest to get rid of it on my own. And with no such luck! So on the telephone I go. Now the fun part was the other person on the other end of the line telling me they would send me an e-mail explain step-by-step what I was to do to get rid of it! Yeah right!!!!! Supposedly I got rid of it. But then low and behold it popped back up! Now mind ya, I have been on-line for over 13 years and never (knock on wood) had a virus before on my computer! Seems this one was stubborn. So I called them again. Well they got into my computer and let me just say the dang gum thing is GONE!!!!!!! Knock on wood to be safe..............

Of course that is not all that has kept me off line. That I have been sick too thanks to old man winter. It appears that he/she will just not leave me alone either! It started out two weeks ago with just feeling yucky. Then the coughing real bad. Next the yucky stuff coming up. So off to the Doctor I went. Appears I got me a bad case of "Bronchitis!" UGH!!!! Well my Doctor put me on a real strong antibiotic, a nasal spray, and told me to go buy a real good Vitamin C tablet to start taking. That my lungs are doing great just a lot of rattling going on. But other than that, hopefully I will be new again soon! He (my Dr.) says it is just going to take time for my body and lungs to heal from the surgery longer than they thought. Must be cause my immune system is weak. Plus I am a little screwed up too! LOL

But wait there is more....LOL Never dull around here! That my son came down to visit the other week too. That his 19 year old truck was about to bite the dust! Yep, it kept leaking this stuff out underneath it and it was not from the radiator we found out! Thank goodness my hubby is a mechanic! Nope, it seems the freeze plug or head gasket is about to blow up in it! Well his truck has over 200,000 miles on it! Needless to say, we fixed it the best we could and he went back home. But called Friday night to let us know the clutch went out in it at 4:30 that morning on his way to work! :0(
So Saturday, he and his wife was out looking for him a new ride as well as us! Luckily, he found him a used truck. And got a great deal on it! Thank goodness. Yet, his cousin (our nephew) called to tell us his clutch went out in his truck as well! UGH!!!
Seems now we have another truck to fix! That Joshua's can be fixed! LOL

Like I said it is never dull around here. And I sure do not have time to be sick! Believe me I am counting down the days till we leave for the Oceanside! Which is now only 12 more days. Lord knows I need to soak me up some sun and fresh air. Plus turn off my cell phone! Oh no, I can not do that there might be a true emergency! LOL I better leave it on just in case and screen my calls! :0)

So there ya have it. This is what has been going on in my little world. I will say that Easter was lovely. And I hope you all had a lovely one too. Take care. Blessings to each and everyone of you! Ta Ta