Friday, January 30, 2009

Cell Phones

I have been having issues with cell phones and the people who have them! Needless to say that is why I am writing about them today. That is seems to be that here lately whenever I try to call certain people they just do not answer! Instead all I get is their voice mail! UGH!!!!!

That yeah, maybe they might have left it at home. Or could have it cut off, or even may be talking on it. The thought even occured to me that "Hell, they just do not want to talk to me!" Still though, sometimes they do not even return the call after I leave a voice message! Now how rude is that?

To me if you have a cell phone do you not think that the polite thing to do would be to answer the call? Then say, "Hey, I am in the middle of something, etc. and I will call you back, etc. Or better yet at least return the call at your earliest convience?

That if you can not do that then why bother having a cell phone? Maybe because you want to try and keep up with the Jones, or keep up with the in crowd. Whatever the reason just think about it.... The person who is trying to call you may be someone who needs your help. Or they might just need some guidance. Plus there may be a true emergency and they need to get a hold of you. You truly never really know untill you answer that call!

So next time that cell phone rings and you see that it is someone you really do not want to talk to. It might do you good to think twice about not taking that call! Because I know that if it really was a true emergency I sure would not leave a voice message saying so! Would you?


Jeanne said...

Oh Annette, I am the world's worst about keeping my cell phone on. Half the time the battery is dead b/c I forgot to charge it, not b/c of too much use. Christy's always asking me why I even have one. I tell her it's because Joey makes me. Then I finally turn it on and have all these messages from days before. Shame on me! But, I can honestly say I've answered you or returned your calls! So, I know you aren't fussing at me! Love you! I'll send you a pic of Mama in New York!

Nana Net said...

I was not fussing about you! LOL Just some other people. And YES you always do take my calls dear. Love ya bunches.

Dawnie said...

oh oh where is my post???

make sure you check my blog on monday--if you need a laugh-your gonna get one! I cant beleive I am going to show the blogging world the real me!

i posted on your cell phone post and its not here!!!!

Anne said...

I know exaclty what you mean. It's so darn frustrating sometimes. I think cell phones use to be more for emergencies at first when they first came out. Now it's just a regular phone people have. So they pick and chose who and when they want to talk to someone. I to have always loved your song choices whenever I come over to visit your blog. I always think because of the title of your blog, "That Nana Net must be a young grandma or a cool grandma." No matter your age, I'm sure by the sounds of your music, your a very cool grandma who loves good music! =)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Oh I would be on your "bad" list. I have a different take on cell phones. I don't keep it on most of the time. I don't work and when I'm home I use my land line. My cell phone isn't on unless I'm out and need to connect with someone. I keep it for emergencies, and when I'm traveling.

If I'm in the middle of dinner,or in the middle of something important that I can't put down, or speaking with someone in person then no, I don't answer the phone or cell phone. I feel it is kind of rude to take a call when I'm with someone. That's why I have voice mail to take a message when it isn't convenient or polite to answer the call.

If someone leaves me a message then I will certainly get back to them as soon as I can. However, a phone is a convenience and not an obligation.

My husband agrees with you though and feels compelled to answer all phone calls no matter what he is doing. He hates the interruption but he can't not answer the phone.

We both agree we shouldn't be using the phone while driving so we have some cell phone peace in our marriage. :>)

Jeanne said...

Thanks for clearing that up! I do love you!

Nana Net said...


You wouldn't be on my bad list. LOL I understand about the rudeness issue, etc. And at least you do state you will return the calls! Thank goodness.
My point was mainly about those who just do no see nor feel that they should return the call or even bother to answer. That is even when they are not busy doing things, etc. Or at least when they do have the phone on! :0)

And yes having a cell phone is a convience. I only have mine due to the fact that everyone "PANICS" if they can not get a hold of me! Mainly because they think if I do not answer the land line one or my cell that I have fallen and dislocated my titanium steel hip! ROFL OF course I tell them that sometimes I just want to be left all alone in my own peace & quiet.

Plus when it comes to talking on it in the car it is usally thru the earpiece & just for a quick moment or emergency!
Thanks again for your comments. Have a great weekend.

Nana Net

Anne said...

Thank you for following my blog! I'm following your blog to. =)

Anonymous said...

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Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Nana Net, I only use my cell for emergencies. It bugs me to see people in stores just chatting away on their cellphones about nothing at all. My kids have finally accepted that my cell phone is turned off most of the time. Have a wonderful week. :) ~ Lynn

lori said...

How funny I was going to tell on Jeanne for her cell phone problem but she told on herself. :)

Dawnie said...

Morning! I cant imagine my hubby going on a cleaning spree! I would think a new man moved in. all mine does is go on a eating spree..he should be fat NOT me..