Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exercising My Brain......

Good morning to you all! So where have I been hiding out lately? Well I have been exercising my brain this past week over at my favorite game web site! LOL Let me tell you it sure is addicting!

That I first discovered it back in 2001. It sort of was by accident. See I was bored and decided to search around for some games to play. Next thing I knew BAM this game site appeared out of no where and I got hooked! Needless to say by the next year I signed up as a member and have been one ever since.

Now the site is called POGO. And it truly has all kinds of cool games. Plus they are constantly adding new ones. There is a lot of different variations of Solitaire to play. Plus they have Jigsaw puzzles, find a word, Tri-Peaks, Yahtzee, Bowling, and Lottso. Not to forget Euchre, Canasta, Gin, Pinochle, Hearts, and Bridge too. And oh yeah tons of other ones you may like! I mean there are so many to choose from I just love them all! See what I mean about being addicted to it! LOL

Of course now all of this does come with a price.... But hey it is worth it to me. Because I have met a lot of crazy, wonderful people. Plus made some good friends on there too. And I even have what they call a "Mini." That is a person who I can style and profile like me. :-) Now they even have challenges each week where you get badges too! Right now I have 1006 badges. So see you can tell where I spend a lot of time.

Of course going back to the title of my post today leads me to this. That by playing these games it helps me to keep my brain active! Just by having to think before I make a move in Chess, or checkers I am having to do some serious thinking. Cause I do like to win. Though losing does not hurt either. Plus when you are trying to play and chat at the same time it takes alot of brain power to concentrate! So see I am still having to exercise my old brain too! All in all for me it just helps me to keep my mental status more alert and keen. That yes I do exercise it in other ways, but I get alot of enjoyment this way too! Plus have fun at the same time.

Well if any of you are looking for fun and excitement will you not join me? It is the least you could do for your brain. As well as your sanity! I know it sure does help mine at times! So look for the link over on my sidebar! Hope to see you soon.

And as for the cost is only $39.99


Dawnie said...

I remember hearing this game awhile ago. i've never been a game person on the internet but mostly because I simply have no time. Someday soon hopefull I will have alot of time back in my life--and perhaps I can pop on in!

Anne said...

Yes I have been on POGO before but no I've never paid the cost of advancing up in the levels of the games. But it is fun, I know what you mean. I think the word games are my favorite. And your right, all of those games are good for one to keep the noggin sharp! Have a wonderful weekend!

JyLnC said...

I've heard of it but I'm afraid I'd spend way too much time on the site. I bet it's fun!

You said you were needing to buy a new camera. I'm still learning all of the ins and outs of the techniques of cameras so I can't really advise you. I still love using the auto button. I bought a Fuiji that is one step above a simple point and shoot camera. Baby steps!

Dawnie said...

I'm glad you liked Madea, you sound like you enjoy her as much as I do. Tyler Perry is awesome. We need more people to jump on this movie making genius! Not only does he give us laughter, tears from joy and pain and even anger..but those morals and life lessons are awesome.

Jeanne said...

Hey hottie! In a couple of years I might be able to make some time for Pogo, but as for now...these little loves are soaking up all my time. And I am not complaining! I miss you very much! Glad you're exercising your brain. You go with your 1006 points self.