Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Life's A Beach

Okay folks, not sure what happened to this earlier. But I will repost it! That a few weeks ago I had been busy remodeling one of my bathrooms! Which the above video will show you the end results of how it turned out...

Now believe me this was no easy thing to do! See I am one when it comes to remodeling that I just have a little bitty problem. It is what you call "Picking out the right paint color or colors!" Yep, seems that little old me knows exactly what I want when I decide to do a project. That I even go on-line and play around on the various name brand web-sites to see how the colors will look and all. But then come time to go buy the one or ones that I have choosen...and... Let me just say my dear husband Mike wishes I would just stick to my guns!!! LOL

Well, at first all I was going to do was paint this here bathroom. Nothing else. Just a fresh coat of paint and that was it! Little did we know that our recent trip to the Outer Banks for some much needed relaxation was going to turn this into a total "REDO PROJECT" from top to bottom! Yep, at first it started out just some small simple things got my attention. Things I noticed at the house we were staying at while on vacation. Seems I truly loved the decor there! Well, as we ventured out and checked things out I begin to get some ideas for my own house! That is when Mike realized his wallet might be in trouble!

Now, he is into remodeling and does a lot of this on the side. Plus takes great pride in his work. But of course bless his heart, he never knew what was fixing to happen! That is untill I started filling up the shopping carts, etc. with items for my "Life's A Beach" theme bathroom! Then he knew what was going on. Of course he caved in and off to the races we went.

We found all kinds of neat little things. Plus some other items we are going to use for our other remodeling projects in the house. Though he would not admit to it, he does love shopping! More so when it comes to remodeling the house we live in. Anyway, we certainly did save quite alot of money. Guess because I am one who will hunt for the best bargains! Plus compare prices. Still though I can see my hubby's face everytime he pulled out his wallet to pay! The expression is what you would call "Priceless!" Lord how I love this man!

All in all once we got back home it took me about a week to finish it up. Blame this on me and my deal about paints! Ya know pick it out, get to the store to buy it and Wham! So many to choose from, you get totally lost in it all....(I really need to work on that something bad) Still I am happy with the finished project. It is another item off of my "To Do List" completed for this year.

Of course Mike says he will either build us or buy us a new bathroom cabinet. Plus get us a new door and trim. But those will come once we finish up the other doors and trim in the rest of the house! YEAH.. I can not wait to get started.

Well here is my own little piece of the beach. I hope you all like it as much as we do. Plus maybe it will not disappear off of my blog this time! :0(


HektikLyfe said...

We are currently undergoing some home remodeling ourselves so I feel your husband's pain. Unfortunately I don't have his handi-ness so its all coming out of the wallet for me. We have pretty new tile that popped up in the kitchen so I have to replace that. I'm going to try to do it myself but I smell disaster. :(

Dawnie said...

Morning! He wont even know there is cottage cheese in it as long as you mix with the ricotta, its a great mix!

I like your slideshow, I went and figured out how to do that myself.

You have a 3 column blog dont you? How did you get your blog design?

I cant look at Christmas pictures yet--it dosnt feel right lol!

Angie Ledbetter said...

L.O.V.E. the "No Wake Zone" picture. (In my house, a No Pee on Floor Zone might be helpful.) ;)And thanks for visiting my blog!

Small Footprints said...

It's lovely ... like stepping into a fantasy. Thanks for sharing!

Small Footprints