Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm Back......

Okay everyone I am going to try this again! That yes, I had a Blog before. But took it down due to personal reasons. Anyway, after giving it much thought and debate here I go again..... So hang on tight, this may get a little bit bumpy. LOL One thing is for sure.......I do have a lot going on in my brain 24 hours a day/7 days a week!

That the title of my blog is one that deals with life in general. Or I should say with "Checking Out Life" period. You will find me rambling on about a variety of subjects here. As well as telling you where you can find great deals on some freebies, coupons, ideas, recipes, and all kinds of fun and interesting things! Now Jeanne can tell ya about my home-made cooking from scratch recipes! Lord knows she loves to have me cook when I come home to visit. :0)

Another thing is that I may even blog about my family. Plus when I get mad too. All in all it is gonna be a mixture of everything and anything you can and cannot think of!

So there you have it. Hope to make some friends to while I am at this here blogging thing. Look forward to the comments too! Take care and enjoy the evening.


Jeanne said...

Your page looks great! I love that picture. Where is it from? I'm so excited to have you blogging again! :) And yes, I do LOVE your cooking!!

JeaneBee said...

Hey, finally found a blog that sounds like ME! Maybe you can teach me to last attempt was a failure...unless you like tough as nails steak!

I enjoy your writings and will add you to my list of favorites.

I tend to ramble in my writings..hey, I'm a senior citizen and I'm entitled!

Come and see me.