Thursday, September 25, 2008

ATTN: Fellow Bloggers....... The Devil Meets Jesus

Oh my, what a way to start the day! A catchy little phrase don't you think? One that has been stuck in my mind every since yesterday! Why you might ask? Well because of mine and Mike's going out and about yesterday!

You see we went to go check out some supplies I needed for my remodeling of our Master Bedroom and Bathroom. Needless to say, it was quite an adventurous trip! That we were gone almost all day. Seems like (as I posted before) I just could not make up my mind about the various paint colors I wanted to use again. Yes, I started out with the one set of colors picked out. But once I got there.... well I started to see some other colors I liked. And off my mind went to racing about different color schemes! UGH!!!

Anyway, at first I did not notice things in the various stores we went to until we walked into Lowes. Then "BAM" it hit me. Like a ton of bricks falling onto my head! There right above me was "CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!" Yes your read it right.......CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!! Right here almost at the end of September! Not even 2 days into Fall yet! Plus "Halloween" has not even arrived, nor "Thanksgiving!" I mean "What is up with that?" So I turned to Mike as I spotted the blowups, and said, "Look the Devil meets Jesus!" He looked at me dumbfounded and said "Huh?" Then I pointed upwards where he looked up and started laughing. Cause there it all was right across from the "Halloween Decor!"
Now, you know I just had to go and see if there was any other decor set up for Christmas. Which there was. It was all set up in the indoor Garden Center. Seems they were just getting most of it out. While looking around a sales associate said 'Hi" and asked "If we needed any assistance? " We said "No, thanks, "But asked was it not too soon for the Christmas stuff to be out?" She informed us that they were suppose to have had it out already "TWO WEEKS AGO!" Can you just imagine the look on my face when I heard that?

Well, to us we got a chuckle for the rest of the day. Cause every store we went into after that we started noticing they too had various "Christmas Decor" out. Or were in the process of putting it out! And were they side by side with the 'Halloween Decorations?" Yep, either that way or right down from it!


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Well for crying out loud. I just wrote this long comment and blogger says it's currently unavailable so I will try again.

Great post! I hate that they put the seasonal stuff out so early. Please at this stage in my life I want to enjoy every minute of each season...don't rush me~

I am honored Nana Net to be on your Checking It Out list. And I hope you'll visit theVintageNest often.

HektikLyfe said...

Yeah I always laugh at that. We were roaming around Big Lots the other day and we found Christmas decorations. Retailers make so much money during that season, you can't really blame them. They are excited. Its like the hungry wolf behind the grandma mask.

Dawnie said...

I noticed that also and to me it seems earlier than normal. I guess I gave up paying attention anymore, when I go out i just get what I am going for..stores just mess me up!

I'm not good at remodeling either, I get so frustrated. Paint colors are forever eluding me.

I dont know what you mean by my blog redirecting you to somewhere--perhaps I need to fix something.

Jeanne said...

Christmas in September...that's hard to believe. I wonder if they have it up here in Florida since it's really still summer time according to the thermometer. Reading this makes me miss you. I love you!