Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Oh my what a "Winter Wonderland" we have! This is what I awoke to Tuesday, morning. Now mind you that I just could not sit at home. No sirree.... I just had to go out and get me some look see and of course pictures. The little child inside of me wanted to have some fun. So, of course my dear sweet hubby Mike, decided that we would go out. But before we even got started my friend of over 34 years called. Yep, seems that Pam had the same idea too! Only she had a major problem... Her automatic garage door had come off track! Yep, and it was just barely hanging on up nabove her SUV! Well Mike and I went down to rescue her SUV. Needless to say we saved the day for her.

Well, after the great start to our day, we set off to get us some breakfast. The only thing that was not to crowded was Denny's. The restaurant was crowded and short staffed. But that did not dampen our spirits. We did enjoy ourselves. Plus the snow was so beautiful to look at and see. After we got done eating we went back to Pams' house and Mike decided he needed to go home and do some shoveling! So Pam and I took off to have a look around at everything.

As you can tell in my slideshow we got some beautiful & wonderful pictures. The Interstate 77 was backed up heading towards Charlotte. But yet heading northbound towards Virginia was no problems at all to get through. Lord how we felt bad for those heading Southbound... We seen lots of power lines down, as well as trees. Which in the one picture we had pulled sideways to take it. And of course a vehicle was coming at us! Needless to say, Pam was screaming, "Hurry up and take the picture of that damn tree down! Here comes a car!' Talk about laughing our heads off!!!!!!! We two are truly crazy women on the loose when we get together. But what fun we do have! The other pictures are of Lake Norman, and I will admit the snow around it and all sure was gorgeous. Now I did manage to get someones snowman in one too. This was at the Gold Course!

Just know that by the time we got back home we had seen all kinds of lovely sights and truly enjoyed ourselves. Plus Mike was just finishing up his shoveling duties. Oh yeah, even my babies, Sadie Bella & Lucky loved the snow too! And to end the day we had snowball fights! For me the kid inside had a wonderful and fun filled day.

Enjoy the slideshow. And know I wish that all of you could have been here with us to enjoy it!


Jeanne said...

Oh my! Those pictures are breath-taking! For real! I love the fence shot with the snow on it! We're having our own little Winter Wonderland. 38 degrees this morning! I can't imagine shoveling snow! Uncle Mike rocks! You and Pam do have some hysterical stories! Oh btw! I'm so addicted to your word whomp game! I'm at your blog almost every day playing!

Anne said...

Your pictures are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them all with us. I heard the east coast was getting a lot of snow. Some as much as 14 inches. If I remember correctly aren't you from N. Carolina? Wow I didn't know it snowed that far south but maybe because of the enormity of the storm. I was just glad it wasn't us Michiganders getting all the snow this time. Boy we had our share this winter and then some. I'm glad you got to get out and enjoy the pretty views.

Dawnie said...

great photos--but I'll be honest..I'm not impressed by this anymore--lol. I was soooo happy everyone else got snow. Where i live in Wisconsin--we got none. about an hour from me--got a foot!

I'm ready for green grass, robins and tulips poking thru the ground.

Janine said...

Love the pictures! We got about 3 inches here in Raleigh. I even managed to get a few pictures of the pups playing in the snow before dragging myself to work. That light, powdery stuff made Reyna feel pretty frisky.

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on her birthday post! And I deeply appreciate you adding Reyna to your prayer list - she can use all the help she can get.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Hi Nana Net, I really enjoyed your slideshow. Yep, we got the snow too only a lot more. I had fun romping around in it and taking walks but this snow was so heavy and wet and blizzardly that it caused a lot of damage up here too. I fussed too much about it. This weekend we are experiencing 70 degree weather like you are, I am sure. We have been cleaning all day today...all the dropped limbs and branches. xo Lynn