Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Has Arrived

Fall weather just somehow renews my body. Maybe it is something in the air. I really do not know what it is. Just that I absolutely do love the Fall Season!

It is the time of year when everything starts to change. The leaves on the trees, the temperatures, and even the days seem to get shorter. That there are lots of Fairs, Festivals, Football games, and others things to do and see! For me it is time to get out your decorations for Halloween first. Then next would be the Thanksgiving ones. And after that …well we all know it would be my Christmas Decorations! Now mind you I wait till after each one is over with! Oh yes, how I do love decorating this time of the year. I just wish the stores, etc. would at least let me ENJOY each holiday before shoving the other one down my throat. You know wait before putting out the Christmas d├ęcor until at least the week before Thanksgiving and so on!

Still Fall is the time that I love sleeping with my windows wide opened at night. You know to let in that cool, crisp night air. Aww, how refreshing it is! Plus during the day we have such wonderful cool breezes blowing throughout our house. You should see our babies, Sadie Bella and Lucky. Lord they just love to stay outside all of the time now. That Lucky can be found on her backside with all four legs up in the air snoring away! And Sadie Bella not to far away looking at her like “Lord would you please hush!” :0)
These two surely do keep me laughing. Plus watching them chase each other in the yard is surely something to see. Oh my, how I love my babies!

Another thing that comes along during this time of year is cleaning! Yep, got to get them their cobwebs down. Believe me this is a chore that is not done in a day either. Nope, cause there are windows to be cleaned, siding and decks that needs to be pressured washed, on your hands and knees floor scrubbing, furniture moving and rearranging, and lots and lots of other cleaning! It is also when I go start moving my summer clothes to another closet in another room. Then take my fall and winter clothes and move them into my bedroom. Plus go through them all (summer, fall, and winter) and sort out the ones I no longer wear. Then take the ones I am keeping and wash them all. To which once done I either haul them down to the Goodwill store or donate them to a shelter or something. Do any of you do that?

Yes, Fall has arrived and I am so thankful that it has. Tell me is it your favorite time of the year too?


HektikLyfe said...

I love Winter. We have a chimney and a nice couch. The wife, the dog, a blanket and a movie. Winter time for me. :)

Fall is nice too though. Its a sign that Winter is coming. ;)

We have been donating a lot lately. Goodwill wouldn't come around that often before but when they noticed we would fill the bag, they started coming more often. I have so much to get rid of like T.V.'s and computer monitors but they don't do that.

My city doesn't allow for yard sales that easily either so they really make it difficult.

Peek-A-Boo Street said...

Aw thank you so much for the kind words about my blog and thank you for visiting. I do hope you come back to viist. You also have beautiful blog. Your dogs are cute. I to am a dog lover. NC seems like a beautiful state. Does it get realy cold there? Do you live near the ocean? That would be nice to. I like the beach theme for you bathroom to. Sure you can add my blog to your list, I'd be honored.

Jeanne said...

I do love Fall, if you can call it that here. And, yes I'm like you in that we go through our clothes and give them away, too. :)

Nana Net said...

Peek-A-Boo Street,

In reply to your questions. Yes it does get cold in here. And we even get snow too! That I live not to far from the ocean, but closer to the mountains! Which is really where I love to go to the most. Though I must admit I do love the ocean too! So in a nutshell you can say that I am blessed having both of them so close!

Thanks for dropping by & I hope you will return again!

Nana Net

Suldog said...

Fall is easily my favorite season. I love the cooling off, the colors, the sports (World Series! Football!), Halloween, Thanksgiving (as you know...)

Just a great time to be alive, usually.