Monday, May 18, 2009

Hee Haw

Meet "Fuzzy" and his Mom! That he was born on Easter Day. Is he not just as beautiful as can be? That of course he is a donkey and lives just across the street from me. Which is just wonderful. Though I wish that they both belong to me. Why? Cause I grew up on a farm with lots of animals. Mostly cows. But I did have some horses. Yet my sister who lived next door had her share of pigs, goats, and of course chickens! LOL Now we all had dogs and cats too! Still I miss living on a farm....

Anyway, Fuzzy, sure is a growing fast and is quite the little rascal. I have been watching him each and everyday. He sure does love to kick up his heels! Plus he does follow his Mom everywhere she goes. I noticed the last few days that anytime she lays down he also does. Plus when she rolls over into the dirt, he waits for her to finish. Then next thing ya know there he goes doing the same thing as she has done! Yep, it is funny how they observe what there Mom does and learn from it. I guess like we do!

The fun part about having him and his Mom across from me is that I get to go over there and feed them. Plus pet them and all! That this is one of my favorite things to do during the day. Also, there are quite alot of other horses over there too! You see there are Shetland ponies, more donkeys, and of course the really big horses too! Unfortunately there is no cows! Oh well, at least there are rabbits and lots of birds! Oh yeah, owls too!

Still though I just love looking out of my windows and seeing what Fuzzy is going to do next each day. Cause he sure does keep me laughing. Before long he will be grown and his Mom will more than likely have a sibling for him to play with one day. I know I can not wait for that day to come. Just think when it does happen I will need to name it to!
Enjoy the pictures and know that I am smiling everytime I wash my dishes. Cause I am looking at something beautiful and wonderful! Have a beautiful day everyone.


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh he's adorable!! My neighbors have horses so I enjoy their animals but don't have the work involved. We leave Saturday morning early. Can't wait. Heard the fishing is good so Bobby G. is quite excited. He got out the rods and reels this past weekend for a good cleaning. Thanks for joining my give-away. Make sure you click over and join up on the others too. :) xo Lynn

Jeanne said...

Josie and Jake are doing all kinds of donkey songs in their Kindermusik class. They'll absolutely love these pictures! We have some donkeys down the road, but not right next door like you do! Love you! I'll blog again. It's just hard. I don't know how to top the permanent marker one, ya know?

Anne said...

Wow, he is cute. I wish I had a animals like that living across the street from me. That would be such a nice sight to see every day! And I'm glad to hear that they make you smile and bring back fond memories of your childhood. How awesome. Have a fabulous week!

Susan said...

Glad you enjoy by blog. After reading yours, I see we do have a lot in common....and I am also a Nana!
About the Varsity - the last time I was in Atlanta (around Christmas) I went a little overboard so this time I "swore off the stuff"! LOL! I'll make up for it next time!
Have a great day,

JeaneBee said...

Oh, does that bring back memories of my youth! I worked (for fun) for a man and his wife who raised shetland ponies and mules....I loved the mules, they have the softest muzzles, just like velvet. Of course I loved the shetlands too, but ponies tend to bite...the mules never did.


Calming Scents said...

what a neat thing to have to watch every day. he is a cutey, I never tire of watching animals.

Suldog said...

I love donkeys. That's really cool, having them right near you.